Payment Solutions
  Terminal Management System  

Supports any Ingenico terminals.

Provides a full suite of facilities to control POS terminals and their software

Graphical user interfaces are provided to allow the user to define, configure and update POS parameters    and tasks.

Customized profiles to maximize the operational speed and reduce errors

Database Replication concept to minimize the user errors.

Approval facility to each and every record before allowing data to reach final database.

Instant remote program downloading and updating facility through Rs232,TCP/IP, PSTN, GPRS, Wireless    network.

Maintain Access rights and user privileges.

Web Based Application.

Multiplatform deployment.

Diagnostics and statistics reporting

User Friendly Interface

Enhancement Flexibility


Utilize cost effective strategy by minimizing onsite intervention

Supports any protocol because of the enhanced Network communication controller from ingenico,thus    make the life easier for any implementation.

Modular design to suit the exact business requirements and thus helping to get the application for the cost    you desire.

Minimize maintenance cost

Less down time

Increased Productivity and Profitability.

Simplified Deployment and Management Process

  EFT POS Application  

Process all types of payment cards

Dynamic Menu based Screen

EMV support (ADVT & TIP Certified)

Multiple Host Routing

Multilingual Support

Dynamic Currency conversion

Fast deployment of private and gift cards and phone top-up

Transaction queue busting

Secure consultation of transactions and powerful reporting mechanisms.

Compatible to ISO 8583, APACS 30, APACS 40, APACS 50, VISA MDC, SG TMS protocol and SPAN2 protocol.

Real-time credit card payment authorization in a secure payment environment.

Dynamic on the click report generation by date, operator, batch, outstanding balances, daily deposit report.

Supports communication mode Dial Up, TCP/IP, GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth and FTP.

Robust and Rapid Authentication and authorization guaranteed using Key management system    (Master/Session Key, Racal Transaction Key Scheme and Derived Unique Key).

Interconnect with any host including authorization centre ,banks and other payment service providers.

Flexible, scalable and Reliable.

Instant account to account money transfer for retailer and customer.

Increased Accuracy and Efficiency.

Reduced consumable cost because of single receipt combined for EFTPOS and POS.

Allows speed and flexibility in responding to customer and market requirements.

Interfaced EFT with POS applications minimizes costly keying errors and increase customer throughput.

Simple and easy installation.

Deliver significantly Lower EFT processing cost.
  Integrated Solution  

Unique integration tool that enables end user to simplify the integration of software and hardware    components with EFTPOS.

Capable to manage external peripheral devices such as displays, printers and keyboards that may be    required

Highly customizable solution with flexible implementation capability with any deployed solutions catering    to all walks of business Retail, Banking, Petroleum, manufacturing, insurance, hospitality, health    industry..Etc.

Our solution integrates devices closely coupled to the point of sale or devices that reside on an IP-based    LAN or wireless infrastructure.

Automatic routing of transaction from merchant POS to authorization server.

Secure Key Management Scheme(APACS40 RTKS) is used by Pin pad.

Pin Pad do the Request and Response Block MAC Calculation and verification.

Carries out Pin block Generation.

ECR initiate the payment authorization request and send the response back to the pin pad and generate    receipt.


Easiest and secure integration with POS Software and Hardware Components.

Least complexity

Less overhead cost since integration happens without modifying existing POS software / hardware.

Provide simple and easy to use interface.

More counter space by avoiding additional transaction processing equipment and dedicated    telecommunication.
  Value Added Solutions  
  Mobile E-Top up Solution  

Provides e-voucher by providing PIN number of 12 digits or e-topup where recharge directly send to phone    and provides SMS notification to customer.

Supports multi environment Processing.

Flexible and easy configuration.

Centralized Processing Service and very integrated CRM solution to manage each merchant and terminals.

Advanced reporting options and in-depth logs that provide accurate analyses of every aspect of a prepaid    operation

Unique multifunction solution to manage e-ticketing, fund transfer, coupons, discount and prepaid cards.


Eliminates Costly Scratch Cards.

Reduced Distribution Cost.

Add airtime to mobile phones anywhere & anytime.

Elimination of costly scratch cards.

Reduction of the distribution cost.

Act as intermediary between service provider and sales channel.

  E-Wallet Solution  
  Our new generation of e-wallet solutions supports all common set of protocols for putting information into    on-line forms and POS terminals agreed upon by all major players in the industry.

It works with any Web-security software or POS terminals and enables our e-wallets to automatically feed    customer information into the payment forms of participating merchants

Our e-wallet is stored on servers controlled by your bank or other service providers, whose software    manages the exchange of information with the merchants' sites

Can stand alone or integrated with existing financial products and network.

Enable transfer of money to wallet holders, Receive payments online, issue invoices and management of    accounts in high secure environment.

Supports multiple global currencies, various levels of tiered commission management structures and    distributor functionality, client management and access portals.
  Loyalty Application  
  Enables retailers and specialty providers to manage in-house, end-to-end gift card and stored-value    programs.

Deliver a range of tailor-made, profit-building solutions with minimal effort via an intuitive POS interface.

Can manage a variety of gift card types and stored value offerings that can be used for promotions, rebates,    refunds and more.

Powerful and sophisticated intelligence gathering and reporting capabilities.

A central hub where business activity and customer activity data is consolidated and analyzed.

Personalization module to transform a blank smart card to a customer specific information and    maintenance of personalized database.

Merchant module to each merchant to award loyalty points to customers and capture vital information.

Simple and Easy implementation.

Enhanced Shopping experience to customers.
  E-Insurance solution  
  Processes insurance electronically (Policy details, claims, submission and Audit)

Utilize pin based or biometric based security mechanism to avoid unlawful use of stolen or lost cards.

Prompt and secure verification of entit-lement (configurable, rule-based) via a central, high-availability    system.

The card is loaded with the Insurance policy details, basic medical information of the bearer and the names    of authorized Health care service providers and agencies participating in promotional programs.

When transaction takes place, these records are updated and transmitted to the Insurance service provider    over a network connection.

Every time the insurance needs to be renewed, the only information required to be updated is the expiry    date.
  Health Card Solution  
  Will contain information such as demographic information, brief medical history, blood type, Allergies and    Health insurance policy details.

Will act as e-purse to perform hospital payments
  Fuel Management System  
  An application that allows petrol distribution companies to issue cards to their customers to be used by    them within the petrol distribution network of stations.  
  EMV Solutions  
  EMV Card Personalization solution  

Import existing files of employees and manage them in a professional database.

Capture portrait photos or signatures and optimize them.

Design card layouts as per EMV card specification and standards.

The software contains an advanced barcode library, magnetic stripe encoding and chip encoding, and as an    option smart card contact/ contact less encoding

Powerful search facility

High quality photo and signature capture system Card Preview.

A user-friendly surface and a number of optional special functions.

Supports Batch Printing and Encoding.

Supports personalization of contactless cards.

High security ensured by the host security module .

Online operations done for each card to be personalized through CCM server to enhance key management    operation.
Smart scope Explorer to check the electrical personalization validity,chip content and consistency magnetic    stripe data and chip.

Smart scope valuator to Simulate to assess card behaviour against the expected response.

Solution comply with EMV security standards.
  Central Issuance Solution  

A Complete solution for personalization and post-issuance management of single- and multi-application    smart cards.

Information gathered from a number of locations are collected at a central point, from which all cards are    personalized and prepared for distribution to the cardholders.

Supports multiple database and allows Data Retrieval, Image capture, Card Issuance and Reporting.

Comply with EMV security standard

Import data from card management system and give the necessary cryptography using safenet HSM.

Smart process to manage cryptographic device and key management tool.

Supports issuance of Java TM, Multos and native card.

Supports customizable import process.

Direct interaction with CIM machines.

Ready to use production file generation.

High security ensured through encryption using key management schemes( Master/Session, DUKPT and    RTKS ) .

Prevention of theft and fraud there by safeguarding the bank as well as the user.

In-house personalization allows banks to take full control of the issuance.

Helps bank to focus on their business rather than focusing on personalization centers.

Offers the banks with specific EMV profiles and advanced EMV cards customization options.
  Branch Issuance  

Enables smart card issuance instantly from bank branches following a successful registration or instant    replacement of lost or stolen card in less than a minute

Any secure PIN PAD can be used to allow card holder to use his or her pin or alternatively an IVR can be    used.

Our instant issuance system offer full compliance with EMV standards which sets the security standards    required for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to instantly issue EMV Cards.

High security ensured through encryption using key management schemes
   ( Master/Session, DUKPT and RTKS )

No duplication and time involved as in central issuance system

Reduction of distribution cost and time involved for sending the personalized mail as in case of central    issuance system.

Avoidance of unnecessary disputes caused because of unreliable delivery through external agents.

Secure since EMV data remains in the central server and is downloaded only on request by the bank    branches. only non personalized cards are send from central head office to the bank

Enhanced customer service because of on time delivery and allowing customer to choose his preferred pin.

Faster activation.

Customer mind inducement by providing new instant card.

Immediate spending and hassle free cashless shopping by the customer.
  New Technologies  
  Contactless Solution  
  Features and Benefits

A proven solution compared to ordinary card with the use of high level enhanced microchip authorization     processing and best in class RF technology.

Enable users to pay for shopping by simply holding the card up to a terminal without taking it out of their    wallet

Benefit the customers with less cash handling and Reduced Errors

Allows merchant to make customized loyalty programs.

Multiple Application in a single card

quick, secure and convenient

Provide scalable and flexible software platform for advanced promotional and loyalty applications.
  NFC Solution  
  Features and Benefits

Provide short range wireless connectivity across a distance of 4 to 10 centimeters between a    merchant's   NFC reader and customer's NFC capable phone for the purpose of contactless mobile payment    transaction.

Multiple credit, Debit and prepaid card account details can be securely stored in an electronic wallet in the    mobile phone which will allow users to select a payment option using a menu based User interface.

Allows access of digital content embedded in a smart poster or billboard.

Utilize ViVOnfc Issuer Server (Issuer Server), allowing a card issuer to provision a soft card to a e-wallet    application running on an NFC-enabled phone.

ViVOnfc Control Server (Control Server) to provide the Over-the-Air control functions for the NFC contactless    transaction.

A e-Wallet Application to manage multiple soft cards stored on the mobile device, such as credit, debit,    prepaid and loyalty cards, coupons or tickets.

Based on ISO 14443 A/B standard.

No major change to the hardware is required.

May 08: Abudhabi Islamic Bank signs contract for deploying integrated solution to enhance the customer service and loyalty.

Jun 08: Emirates Identity Authority signs contract to fulfill its mailing needs by deploying mailing solution.

Aug 08: Commercial Bank of Qatar signs contract to deploy Ingenico terminals to streamline its acquiring solutions.

Sep 08: Road Transport Authority,Dubai signs contract for deploying card payment solution for Bus ticket vending

Sep 08: National Bank of Qatar signs contract to reinvent its Branches with Branch Issuance solution.

Sep08: Commercial Bank of Kuwait signs contract for deploying central issuance solution for taking full control of the cards issuance.

Oct 08: Masraf AlRayan signs contract for deploying central issuance solution for taking full control of the cards issuance.

Nov08: Knet signs contract to enhance it s payment communication system with ingenico NCC system

Nov08: Zima International signs contract to deploy Value Added Solutions in all cooperative society across Kuwait to enhance inspire and motivate customers.

Nov 08: Yemen Postal authority signs contract for deploying complete issuance solution for enhancing security and customer satisfaction.

Dec 08:Barwa Bank signs contract for deploying central and branch issuance solution to take full advantage of customer loyalty and total security.

Jan09: National Bank of Kuwait signs contract to reinvent its Branches with Branch Issuance Solution

Feb 09: Alhilal Bank signs contract for deploying central issuance solution for taking full control of the cards issuance.

Mar 09: MTN signs contract for providing e-voucher solutions.

Apr 09: Abudhabi Islamic Bank signs contract for deploying central issuance solution for taking full control of the cards issuance.

Apr 09:Pearl project signs contract to deploy Value Added Solutions to enhance, inspire and motivate customers.

Apr 09: Yemen Switch (YPS) signs contract for deploying central issuance solution for taking full control of the cards issuance.

Apr 09: National Bank of Bahrain signs contract to enhance it's payment communication system with ingenico NCC system

May09: Arab National Bank signs contract to integrate Ingenico Pin pad terminals for its branch issuance solution.

May09: Yemen Mobile signs contract for providing e-voucher solutions.

May 09: Etisalat Renews the contract for providing e-voucher solutions.

May 09 : Participation in Cards Middle East